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Classroom Management Strategies / Prejudice Awareness

Renee Rosenblum-Lowden 

Teacher/ Author/ Keynote Speaker/ Workshop Presenter


Renee Rosenblum-Lowden is the author of the best selling book "You Have to Go to School...You're the  Teacher!" (250 classroom management strategies to make  your job easier and more fun) now in its second edition. It is filled with ideas and tips that will serve as a "mentor in a book" offering teachers insights and strategies needed to manage everyday classroom problems. The book is written in a warm and friendly style, with teacher-tested ideas that can be used throughout one's career. "You Have to Go to  School...You're the  Teacher!"  is currently being bought by school districts for teacher orientations, as well as universities working with student teachers. Ms. Rosenblum-Lowden addresses audiences of new and experienced teachers during orientations, and staff development days bringing her book to life. She offers ways to: 

  • Empower students through responsibility 

  • Avoid confrontations and showdowns 

  • Show you're "on the same team" as your students

  • Build students' confidence and self-esteem

  • Provide Professional and Personal Safety

  • Enlist the support of parents and staff

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