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"Thank You!!! With humor, you set the tone for an enjoyable and informative afternoon. The sharing of a multitude of classroom strategies offered new teachers invaluable insight and techniques. Your presentation was a perfect ending to the New Teacher Network Workshops Your book should be required reading for all teachers" 

Michelle Fratti
New York City Public Schools

"I read the evalutations on Friday and laughed at the comments of a number of teachers who indicated their joy in hearing your presentation by providing a rating of 10, when 3 was the highest score. Many teachers liked the idea of your speaking at the closing of the orientation. I look forward to seeing you again next year." 

Aggie Langan
Cecil County Public Schools, MD

"Your energy alone lit up the room, and in conjunction with your inspiring words, experienced advice and genuine care, our students could not have been more moved. You are gifted with the way in which you share your knowledge, and it is not wonder you are a sought-after presenter. You are a beacon for so many." 

Lisa Twiss/Instructor
Johns Hopkins University

"Your strategies for the classroom were well received by everyone who attended. The energy and enthusiasm you brought to your programs captivated the audience with your humorous and practical advice that we can pass along to prospective and beginning teachers as they work to survive in the classroom"

Christina E MacGill
Forging New Alliances in Education
MAASCUS Conference

"Your appearance enabled teachers to get a better handle on the skills needed to provide on-going classroom management. Elementary and secondary teachers alike were mesmerized by the strategies you outlined from your book. Your presence at our seminars for teachers promoted professionalism in the highest sense of the word."

Gail Epps
New Teacher Induction Project Manager
Montgomery County Public Schools, MD

"Ms. Lowden's presentation was practical, witty, relative and timely. On their evaluation forms more than one hundred teachers only had positive comments. It is obvious Ms. Lowden's presentation was overwhelmingly received."

Jean Wadley, Facilitator
Stafford County, VA Public Schools

"I literally had to drag myself out of Renee Lowden's presentation of "Tips for New Teachers" to observe others. The audience response was so strong that it reinforced my belief that classroom management and organization is the still the greatest need of new teachers." 

Thomas A Wood
Peace Corps Fellows Program
University of Texas at El Paso

"What a pleasure to have you speak to our faculty. Your lighthearted practical approach to teaching was just what we needed to energize us and lift our spirits. You give dignity to the teaching profession and make us proud to be educators. We will cherish your book."

Joan Connelley, Principal
St. Thomas More School
Allentown, PA

"Our new teachers expressed to my staff how much they learned from your presentation. You definitely made the subject of classroom management interesting and fun for the particpants." 

Vivianne Waldron, Staff Development Coordintator
Highlands County Florida

"The phone has not stopped ringing since you walked out the door last night. What a terrific presentation!! You absolutely shine. Thank you for being the virtual star of our Educator's Night."

Georganne Hardin-Delgado
Barnes and Noble 
Jenkinstown, PA

"On target! A bulls-eye view of the classroom experience with strategies that empower both teachers and students. A must for staff developers and professional libraries."

Linda Goldberg
Teacher Trainer/Staff Developer NYC

"I met a very special teacher, Ms. Lowden, who turned my life around." 


...."She was so funny. She should be a stand-up comic to show the general public what teachers go through on a daily basis" 

Anonymous Evaluation
Washington County Public Schools, MD

"Ms Lowden presents her strategies as though she is speaking directly to each reader. Her sense of humor is inherent and heard throughout the collection. In her friendly voice she invites you to share her passion and excitement for teaching by experimenting with her ideas."

Barbara Perea
Student Teacher Supervisor/San Francisco State University

Workshops/Keynote Available for student teachers and staff development. 
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